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Your guide
on your journey to
international markets

Hussoconsulting symboli tähkä

Guiding you to international markets.

I am an expert in the food industry and internationalisation. I actively follow the development of the field in Finland and internationally. I have international industry knowledge and customer understanding, especially from the Central European market. I have a master’s degree, I am an interpreter fluent in German and English, and an expert in international communication.

I have accumulated know-how and networks along the way from various tasks related to food products, food tourism, internationalisation, and exporting.

I am familiar with the practical work of exporting, commercialisation, brands, marketing, sales, distribution channels, trade fairs, project management, and coordination. I also know the financial instruments of the industry, so I can help in applying for funding for internationalisation.

I have helped numerous Finnish companies to get their products to the Central European market and, accordingly, brought industry know-how from Central Europe for Finnish companies to utilise.

Hussoconsulting symboli tähkä